New PRP for tissue regeneration

The new weapon for skin rejuvenation

What is autologous cell regeneration RegenLab ACR?
Cell regeneration is the bio-stimulation of autologous dermal cells mediantel’iniezione intradermal or subcutaneous administration of platelet-rich plasma of the same patient (PRP).
For Bioregenerating Autologous means a cell concentrate from whole blood of the patient himself, obtained by a simple method and certified, that is used
applied area to be treated in order to stimulate cell proliferation and consequent Tissue Regeneration.
The rationale for use is based on the fact that activated platelets release growth factors (PDGF) or expressing membrane molecules able to favorably influence the reparative processes
inducing a greater production of fibroblasts and then collagen.


What is Plasma Rich in Platelets PRP?
The PRP is an autologous platelet concentrate in a small amount of plasma. The cell concentration is two to three times higher than that patient’s baseline. The pH from 6.5 to 6.7.
In PRP is a high concentration of growth factors that are released by the platelets and which promote the processes of tissue regeneration and wound healing.
The PRP is an autologous origin, without adding drug components, animal or vegetable. The origin from the patient himself resets the risk of a local reaction, or systemic
by the immune system.
The process of aging in our body causes a series of reactions aimed at repairing the damaged. The progressive healing that occurs in cases of skin wounds
It shows that the plasma contains specific components, such as platelets and white blood cells, which play an important role at every stage of tissue regeneration.
White blood cells and platelets are activated, begin to release signaling proteins (chemokines), which stimulate the migration of macrophages from the connective tissue.